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Series gets better and better

Onschuldig verleden - Viveca Sten, Tineke Jorissen-Wedzinga

This is book #3 in the Sandhamn series by Viveca Sten. I have read it in a Dutch translation, but it will doubtless also exist in your language. 

Viveca Sten is definitely an upcoming talent in Scandinavian crime novels. In her third book, the best so far in the series, she gets even better than in the former two books.

A girl of around 18 years disappears, and later evidence shows that she has been murdered. So far for the plot, because I do not want to introduce spoilers in this review.

Between the chapters about the analysis of the disappearance/murder, we find chapters that are set in the past. Is there a connection with the present? You learn the answer at about two thirds of the book. As the stories go on, there appear several candidates for the murderer. The dilemma is solved near the end of the book in a confession. After that a new, but important, story line starts, that has an open end in this book.  

A very interesting side of Viveca Sterns books is that some of the story lines she created in #1 of the series, continue in #2 and are further developed in #3. (And the will doubtless continue in book #4.) So this Sandhamn series is a real series, although it is possible to read every book separate without knowing the rest. 

I gave #2 of the series 4 stars. Because this one is better, in my opinion, and because she has proven now to be able to at least retain the same high level throughout her books, I reward this book with five stars. There are no flaws in the plot(s) and everything is believable.