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I read books (and place a review here afterwards) in the following categories Mystery/Detective, British literature (mostly older books, from Gutenberg.org), Adventure, some Dutch lieterature and more.

My top favorite writers are John Galsworthy, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, but among my five-star reviews you will also find (debuts of) contemporary writers. A recent example is Gillian Flynn. I mostly read ebooks.


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A Fighting Man of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs Edgar Rice Burrougs did it again! This is the seventh Barsoom book, and still this book is a pleasure to read. Once more Burroughs created situations, persons and communities on Barsoom that are novel and intersting enough to give you a pleasant time while reading about them. It is difficult to realise that this book was written about 100 years ago. It is still fresh as were it written nowadays. In this book the "I" is a native Martian (although his way of thinking is very "earthly" and this, but only this, could be a minor point of criticism) and once more John Carter plays only a very small role.If you like this kind of books, read it! If you don't you won't even see this review. So I guess you do like this kind of "pulp fiction". Whatever! It is pure reading pleasure. This is in fact one of the best Barsoom books. However, there are four more to come, so I can't be certain how the rest is. What I am certain of, is that I will read them all!