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She does it again!

vannacht ben je dood - Viveca Sten

Once more Viveca Sten wrote a great page-turner.

And this one has to be awarded five stars (again) in my opinion. The story is good and the plot is quite different again from her former books.

This is book #4 of the Sandhamn series, and again we get some continuing story lines from the previous books about the private lives of Nora and Thomas, but you can read this book apart from the others without any problems. But if you are going to read them all, read them in sequence. 

This time the story is set in the circles of an elite corps of the Swedish army. And this time I found it very difficult to guess anything at all of the outcome, although we get all the necessary information in the course of the book.

This time, again, there are chapters now and then of which the connection with the main plot is not obvious at first. In this books they are diary notes, written by one of the characters in the book. 

There really is great progress in the writing skill of Viveca Sten, when you read the series from #1 on. In the former book, or definitely in this one, her writing has developed completely and we can expect only high quality novels from her in the future. Great reading and great plot.