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Best detective story ever?

De moord op Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie, L.M.A. Vuerhard

"The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" was written by Agatha Christie in 1926, and (still) in 2013 it was rated by the Crime Writers Assotiation as the best detective story ever written.

And very good, and well written, it is certainly. Five stars is the only option!

Agatha Christie puts you on the wrong leg throughout the whole book, and she does this very cleverly indeed. When on one of the last pages the secret is revealed, it appears that the reader could have know it quite early in the book. At the right place she leaves a hint for the reader, but I expect that 99.9% of the readers does not see it there!

Now a few words about the story: A murder has been committed in a small village. Hercule Poirot appears to have settled there, and he is asked by one of the people close to the murdered man to help in solving the murder. In his entertaining way Poirot investigates everything that has to be investigated, in collaboration with the police and some people close to the victim. When everybody concerned has been questioned, and some things that seem not to be connected at all to the crime, have been investigated, there is the usual gathering of everybody connected to the crime. In this case Poirot - contrary to his custom - does not reveal the identity of the murderer on that gathering, but he just warns everybody that he will tell the truth to the police the next day. Why does he do so this time?

You really have to read this book. I do not tell you anything more. The book is simply brilliant. You missed a lot if you did not read this novel until now. After all, it was considered the best detective story ever, even 87 years after it was written! If you have not read it yet, what did you do all your life, as a lover of detective novels?