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I read books (and place a review here afterwards) in the following categories Mystery/Detective, British literature (mostly older books, from Gutenberg.org), Adventure, some Dutch lieterature and more.

My top favorite writers are John Galsworthy, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, but among my five-star reviews you will also find (debuts of) contemporary writers. A recent example is Gillian Flynn. I mostly read ebooks.


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The Circular Staircase - Mary Roberts Rinehart Mary Roberts Rinehart certainly knows how to write a good detective or mystery story! The story is good and the book is written in an entertaining way. I can't be very wrong when I suppose that the author was a source of inspiration for (among others) Agatha Christie. The story is good enough to keep you attention until the end and there still are some surprises at the end. Recommended!