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I read books (and place a review here afterwards) in the following categories Mystery/Detective, British literature (mostly older books, from Gutenberg.org), Adventure, some Dutch lieterature and more.

My top favorite writers are John Galsworthy, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, but among my five-star reviews you will also find (debuts of) contemporary writers. A recent example is Gillian Flynn. I mostly read ebooks.


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Four Reigns - Kukrit Pramoj, Tulachandra In all honesty I must say that I have read an abridged (English) version. It is the only English version I ever saw in Thailand, by the way. This book gives an excellent insight in the life at the Thai court during the reigns of King Rama 5 up to King Rama 8. We follow a girl that starts to live there with her mother, while still very young, until her death as an old woman. She leaves the court when she marries, but she stays in touch. From the time of her marriage the book concentrates on her family life and that of her children.Highly recommended to get acquainted with Thai culture and history. This is a powerful novel, written by a former Thai prime minister.