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I read books (and place a review here afterwards) in the following categories Mystery/Detective, British literature (mostly older books, from Gutenberg.org), Adventure, some Dutch lieterature and more.

My top favorite writers are John Galsworthy, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, but among my five-star reviews you will also find (debuts of) contemporary writers. A recent example is Gillian Flynn. I mostly read ebooks.


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Good or terrible?

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

Is this a good book? It certainly is. Is it well written? It certainly is. Did I enjoy it? I would be sick if I said I did. The story is in fact so horrible that I often disliked to go on. During the development of finding the murderer of two small girls, that does not progress at all, it slowly becomes clearer in what direction we have to look for the sick person who committed the crimes. And yet, the author has a surprise for us left until some of the very last pages.

Again, I hate the book but I must give it five stars. It is very well written and built up. Judge for yourself if you think it possible to give it less than five stars. But don't tell me you 'like' this book!